SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) — The FBI and local law enforcement raided two different homes Thursday as part of an interstate commercial robbery case.  

They removed several bags of evidence and one man was arrested. 

Law enforcement also surrounded a condo near Cross Way Court and Mission Gorge Road in Santee. 

Neighbors say it all started about 6 a.m. - SWAT team members and the FBI blanketed the area with drones and a helicopter overhead. 

"They were on a PA system telling everybody to come out of the building," said one neighbor. 

Neighbors also said authorities were on scene for 2 or more hours.  

Authorities told neighbors they were there on a federal warrant, possibly tied to an interstate commercial robbery case.  

They searched the home and questioned a woman in a unit next to the one they were focusing on.  

But neighbors say it appears whomever they were looking for was not there. 

Meanwhile, at a condo in Otay Mesa, another raid occurred.  

 "I heard boom, I thought the world was ending," said one neighbor. "I jumped up and looked around. I kept hearing 'open the door, FBI warrant.'" 

The second raid tied to the same case happened at the Aurora at Riviera del Sol condos. 

A neighbor that asked not to be identified described what she witnessed: 

 "They had these guys with the full camo on," she said. "They kept yelling 'come on out, come down the stairs.'" 

One man was arrested and put in the back of a squad car. 

There were several other people inside the home including a child that could be heard crying. 

 In the garage, piles of clothing could be seen and agents removed several bags of evidence. 

Authorities did not reveal the suspect's identity or the charges he faces.