SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Point Loma High School is getting hit with backlash over a decision to install permanent stadium lights. 

Point Loma High is one of few schools in the district without lights and they plan to move forward despite concerns from community members. 

Neighbors are concerned about the glowing ball of light and other nuisances Friday night games attract. Some opponents said they will not give up and will sue to stop the lights from being installed. 

Carol Simpson lives in the shadow of Point Loma High School stadium, but that shadow could soon disappear with the proposed stadium lighting. 

"It would be night and day if we had these athletic facilities rented twenty-four, seven, which is what is threatened," she said.

Simpson's late husband taught and coached at Point Loma High for 25-years, but now she has joined "Pro-Point Loma." The group said it would raise money to sue the district to stop the plans. 

According to Simpson, the group is worried about parking, noise, traffic and renting out the stadium as an event center. 

"It's not fair. It's very destructive to the neighborhood," she said.  

CBS News 8 reached out to "Progress Point Loma," a group who supports the lights, but they did not return the request for comment. 

The district, however, is moving ahead despite objections from an environmental report. 

David Dick is a resident who sees both sides, but wants the district to ensure them the stadium will have restricted uses to third parties. 

The school district, which is on spring break, did not return CBS News 8's request for comment. 

The school is set to vote on the Point Loma High School Whole Site Modernization and Athletic Facilities Upgrade Project on on April 26th. Bond money would be used for the project.