SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Pacific Beach residents are fed up with alcohol-fueled crime in their neighborhood and on Wednesday night they came together to demand change.

Drunken fights, violent assaults, drunk driving crashes along Grand and Garnet in Pacific Beach are becoming all too frequent.

According to Pacific Beach residents, the area has the highest rape rate in the city and they are the second highest for violent crime.

The state agency Alcohol Beverage Control regulates liquor licenses, but residents want more local control.

The Pacific Beach Town Council invited the North County Prevention Coalition and Alcohol Policy panel of San Diego County to present a plan on strategies to reduce alcohol-related crimes such as responsible retail program.

"When you have the combination of undercover enforcement and educating servers on when to cut people off you cut down on intoxicated patrons," said Eric Collins with the Alcohol Policy Panel of San Diego County.

Businesses are adamantly against the idea of a conditional use permit to sell alcohol, rather they want residents to see what businesses do for the community.

San Diego Police said they have a beach team that works with the bars and added a second day team during summer months.

Council Member Lory Zapf in a statement said:

"I will continue to ask the state of California's ABC to crack down on those establishments that do not follow the rules and over serve customers. Pacific Beach usually benefits from increased law enforcement and DUI check points during the summer to help enforce unlawful behavior."