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Finding Good: There's good in every day, you just have to find it

One family's story of true love in the face of cancer, celebrating life's blessings, and spreading positivity.

SAN DIEGO - When Navy Chief Johnathon Stone’s wife, Sarah, was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer, he knew his family had to make the most of every moment.

After all, they've always believed there is good in every day, you just have to find it.

'Finding Good' is a firsthand look at the story of Sarah and Johnathon from falling in love in high school, to moving across the country and raising four children, to spreading hope to the world through acts of kindness, and handling life’s ups and downs as Sarah battled appendix cancer.

'Finding good' is the motto for his family, which he calls “Team Stone,” and it involves finding something good on even the worst day.

Before she died of cancer two years ago, 29-year-old Sarah Stone made her husband promise her three things:

  1. To continue doing good things in the world 
  2. To take care of their four young children 
  3. To find love again.

“Finding good is my mission statement,” Stone said. “I want to spread as much love and positivity as I can in a world right now that’s full of a lot of hate and negativity. I can feel in my heart that I’m destined for something bigger that involves helping others."

The book ends with a 30-page, self-help journal where readers can use his daily motivational tools to find their own good.

'Finding Good' is available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon: amazon.com/Finding-Good