SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — San Diego firefighters who helped deliver a child in Sorrento Mesa received a visit Thursday from the newborn and his grateful parents. 

The crew from San Diego Station 41 were called upon to deliver a baby in the back seat of a North County couple's car. 

On Thursday, that couple stopped by with their new bundle of joy to show their appreciation.  

The grateful mom Sydney Judge teared up when she was reunited with the first responders who helped her deliver baby Heston in the back seat of a Ford Escape. 

"My plan was to have a natural birth," said Sydney. "Right when I got into the car, my body was like you're gonna have a baby."  

Sydney and her husband, Tom live in Carlsbad. Three weeks ago they were driving to Sharp Mary Birch in San Diego to give birth to their second son; they didn't expect him to come so fast. 

"I'd say about half way there my body started to naturally push," said Sydney. 

She told Tom to pull over and they made it to a parking lot in Sorrento Valley before Sydney couldn't wait any longer.  

"I said 'I feel him, I feel his head,'" she said. 

Tom called 911 and dispatcher Bobby Hendrick picked up. 

San Diego Fire Engine 41 and Medic 41 were close by and Firefighter Paramedic Nik Angel delivered the baby.  

He said it was a great feeling to bring a new life into the world. 

San Diego's Fire Chief is proud of the crew of 41, saying firefighters don't often deliver babies in the back of cars, but they are trained and prepared for just about anything. 

"[Sydney] did all the work -- it was a healthy delivery and we were just fortunate to be, I think, in a position to assist," Kimi Hiapo-Matthews of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department said. 

The baby's mom and dad say they will keep the Ford Escape and give it to Heston when he gets his driver's license. 

"I was hoping for new car out of this, but Tom decided he's gifting baby Heston the Ford," said Sydney.

Some of the footage in this video story was shot using a GoPro camera.