ENCINITAS (CBS 8) - A yellow lab is safe after being rescued from a 100-foot cliff in Encinitas Sunday morning. Fire crews were called in to save the dog that was trapped on the bluff.

The owner told CBS News 8 that he was on his morning walk with their two dogs, when 13-year-old Murphy wandered off, and when he couldn't find him, he looked over the edge and saw his yellow lab trapped on a 100 foot cliff.

Strapped in a harness, wrapping his four paws around a firefighter, rescuers pulled Murphy up a 100 foot cliff off Viewpoint Park in Encinitas.

As rescuers hoisted their way down, the color-coded safety cables drew a crowd on the shore and onlookers above peered over the edge.

Trapped some thorny brush, firefighters rubbed his head to keep the yellow lab calm.

Murphy, too old to make a fuss, was very mellow and happy to see the rescue crew, didn't panic and cooperated, according to the Fire-Rescue teams.

Nearly two hours later, the old pup was happy to be reunited with mom and dad, as onlookers clapped.

After the rescue, Murphy started wagging his tail and after a check, no injuries were discovered. But he was very thirsty and tired.

Murphy's pet parents said they walked him on this route many times and this has never happened.