SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - California is the most fire-prone region in the country.

There are a number of natural steps homeowners, who live in high-risk areas, can take to help protect their property and reduce the chance that their home will catch on fire.

One of the most important ways is to use a technique called 'firescaping', which is a fire-prevention landscaping method used on the property around your house to avoid igniting fires.

Fire experts say choosing fire-resistant plants, avoiding evergreens, and keeping plants watered during fire season are some of the easiest steps to take to avoid fires and keep your home safe.

"There are several drought tolerant plants that are not fire resistant, like rosemary, they have oils in them and are combustible, so stay away from them and mulch," Kim Chapman, Armstrong Garden Centers said.

CBS News 8's Ashley Jacobs, in the above video file, shows us what plants are best to use to protect your home.

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