SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – Former Mayor Bob Filner resigned from office two and a half years ago, after several woman accused him of sexual harassment. Now, the first civil case is heading to trial.

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Stacie McKenzie said Bob Filner, when he was mayor, sexually harassed her while the City Parks employee was on the job in April 2013, and that his moves included what is known as the Filner Headlock.

McKenzie, who has been parks employee for 32 years, said Filner also made inappropriate comments to her.  She wasn't in court Friday while several administrative matters were addressed, but she will be there when Filner takes the stand. It'll be one of the first times she's seen him, since Filner's resignation.

So far, five of seven sexual battery and harassment lawsuits filed by Filner's victims have been settled with the city and Filner has paid out more than a million dollars.  

McKenzie had been asking for $500,000, but the city chose not to settle, believing McKenzie's case isn't worth nearly that much.

The judge said jury selection will start Thursday, March 17, however opening arguments won't begin until the following week.

The other case that hasn't settled yet is scheduled to go to trial in July. No other cases can be filed, because the statute of limitations has expired.