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FitMama Secrets

FitMama is a mindset and founder Jen Oliver believes being a FitMama all starts with LOVE.

SAN DIEGO - Let's face it, diets don't work -- but love does!

Diets don't work for several reasons, they stress us out and lead to depletion of willpower, self-confidence and increase negativity.

Negative emotions cause nervous system chaos, while positive emotions bring your nervous system into a calm state.

We make better choices for our lives and for our health when we come from a positive emotional state. Treating yourself with respect, compassion and appreciation allows your brain to make better choices. 

Jen Oliver is the founder of FitMama Global and a bestselling author. Her book, 'The Love FitMama Way: Transforming The Core Of Motherhood' is a handbook for new moms to embrace and enjoy the motherhood journey while nurturing their bodies and babies through love. 

Jen began her fitness journey as a personal trainer and nutrition coach before becoming a mom. After the births of her two children, Jen started working exclusively with moms.

Jen noticed moms were almost 100% unhappy with their bodies after having babies, they often spoke negatively towards and about themselves and they almost always didn’t feel sexy anymore. 

By upping the quality of positive self-talk, self-care and self-awareness, Jen helps moms to get out of the superficial game and instead breathe back your body after having kids.

FitMama is a mindset and Jen believes being a FitMama all starts with LOVE.

For more information, visit Jen's website: 

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