FLORIDA - The deaths of two experienced Florida divers is prompting new calls to close a well-known cave diving site. The underwater cave system known as Eagles Nest has been called the “Mount Everest” of the sport. 

Located in a remote wilderness area about an hour north of Tampa, Eagle’s Nest draws divers from around the world and reaches hundreds of feet down. It is considered a very advanced dive, meaning only those with the proper training and certifications should attempt it. 

Even then, it is still dangerous -- both men who died were skilled diving instructors, according to CBS News. 

Chris and his friend Patrick Peacock failed to return from their dive Saturday afternoon. The sheriff said their bodies were recovered near each other Sunday, 260 feet down.

The underwater cave system at Eagle’s Nest is composed of three different tunnels. Parts of it are more than 300 feet below the surface.

The Divers Alert Network said the majority of cave diving deaths in the U.S. involve trained divers. Exactly what led to the two men’s deaths is unknown at this point.