SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Mission beach is a wonderful place to spend time during the summer, but there is one issue that is literally causing a buzz. Swarming flies in popular tourist areas continue to cause problems during the hot summer months.

The fly problem has been an issue in Mission Beach for years. Not only do the flies annoy local residents and tourists, they're also bad for business.

"People can't dine outside, they can't sit outside because the flies are everywhere," says Mike Soltan, owner of Kojack's Restaurant in Mission Beach.  

Right now, the city provides trash pickup once a week. Salton and other business owners would like to see another day added, or at the very least, have someone come out and clean the trash bins, especially during the summer months when flies are everywhere.
Councilwoman Lorie Zapf, who oversees Mission Beach, is well aware of people's concerns, but she says adding an extra trash day isn't possible because of the People's Ordinance.

The law guarantees free weekly trash pickup for all City of San Diego residents, but it doesn't extend to businesses, a category that could include the many short term vacation rentals in Mission Beach. So, instead of trying to get a new law, she's moving ahead with changes of her own.

"One of the best solutions we have heard about is actually coming through and sucking it up by vacuuming the alley ways," says Councilwoman Zapf.

That service will be provided once a week starting Wednesday. The cost to vacuum the alley ways during the summer months is $40,000. City officials say adding an extra trash pickup day during the same period would cost twice as much and be less effective. 

In addition, Zapf is passing out door hangers to visitors and vacation management companies that have tips on how the keep flies away. The tips include making sure your trash and recycle bins are closed and all wet waste is bagged and sealed.

Another tip that people can use is to store their trash and recycle bins in the garage if you have one. Zapf is also looking into ordering stickers to be permanently placed on trash bins listing those tips.