SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Living through a drought means making sacrifices, but what if it also means saying goodbye to a local landmark?

That landmark at the center of the controversy is Webb Lake, which is owned by the Bernardo Town Center Property Owners Association.

Some in Rancho Bernardo say the time has come to let it "dry up", while others say "no way."

Longtime Rancho Bernardo resident and community leader Scott Lawn is leading an effort to save Webb Lake after its owners said they might remove it in response to the drought.

“Dozens of community leaders feel passionate about this and would like to help raise money to keep this community treasure alive,” he said.

Lawn is trying to raise $75,000 so a well can be installed. Well water would fill the lake and later irrigate Webb Park. 

If anyone would like to help him with fundraising, he can be reached at or (858) 486-8277.