SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - They may be divorced, but their battle over big money is far from over.

Thousands of pages of court files document the lavish lifestyle of Charles and Linda Brandes, married for nearly 19 years before divorcing in 2005.

He got their palatial $35 million estate in Rancho Santa Fe and a property in Borrego. She got their other Rancho Santa Fe home, an oceanfront home in Del Mar, plus properties on Park Avenue in Manhattan and Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 2006, Charles, now 67, married Tonya, now 42. But the financial fight between Charles and his 63-year-old ex continues in court, and is being watched by other divorce attorneys.

"It's just an interesting case for attorneys, complex and legal maneuvering," family law and divorce attorney Myra Fleischer said.

Court records show Linda appealed the court's temporary spousal support ruling to pay for expenses of nearly $440,000 a month which include:

-- $3,800 a month for laundry and housekeeping;

-- $8,600 a month for clothing;

-- A personal trainer and personal chef, about $800 each; and

-- A masseuse at $1,300 a month.

Linda stated with earnings of $68 million a year, her ex, the founder of Brandes Investment Partners managing $98 billion in assets, should be paying her more than $3 million a month. While she's not getting that amount, Linda did win her appeal, and is now receiving $500,000 a month.

"Obviously when you have a case where there's so much financially at stake, they're going to pull out all the punches to see what they can do to get the bigger share of the pie. But obviously in this case, there's more than enough pie to go around so, the question is, what's really going on?" Fleischer said.

In court documents, Charles has stated in the last five years of marriage, he ate breakfast alone seven days per week. He says Linda greatly exaggerated their lifestyle, and that his 11 Ferraris she claims are worth $14 million are only worth $3 million.

"Money doesn't buy you happiness, I think that's the clear message here," Fleischer said.