Controversy is developing over a community college using a training facility that's owned by the military security firm formerly known as Blackwater.

A public forum was held last night at Southwestern College in Chula Vista. The school has an agreement with XE - the former Blackwater company - to use its shooting range in Otay Mesa to train police academy cadets.

Many oppose the deal because of Blackwater's link to the shooting deaths of Iraqi civilians in 2007.

Allan Garrett, from the Computer Systems and Services at Southwestern College says, "What is so secretive and mysterious that Blackwater cannot allow oversight by the public? Is something illegal going on inside?"

A former police officer, Robert Ilko, spoke at the forum, "By approving the MOU, you will be improving the chances of saving not only the lives of first responders, but to the public as well."

The college decided not to terminate its contract with XE right now but has agreed to look into alternative arrangements.