SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The family of a local woman killed by her ex-boyfriend teamed up with Rady Children's Hospital to help children harmed by abuse and family violence.

Kathy Scharbarth was murdered inside her Carlsbad home in November of 2011.

After her death, her family created Kathy's Legacy Foundation, to provide protection for victims of domestic violence and support for their children.

Now, they have partnered with the Chadwick Center at Rady Children's to help create a sense of normalcy for kids who have experience violence.

This summer, they'll give kids at the center an opportunity to attend camps at the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club.

"They just need to be kids and have that opportunity to thrive and know that there is hope in their lives," said Rady Scharbarth. 

Kathy Scharbarth left behind a daughter, Madison. She is being raised by her grandparents.