SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Can you trust a skinny chef?

News 8’s Heather Myers was skeptical until a pair of skinny chefs from Herb & Wood in Little Italy threw down in the studio.

Tuesday’s session was all about summertime desserts, but the fresh farmers’ market produce was the real star.

With the 4th of July weekend is quickly approaching, the skinny guys from Herb & Wood demonstrated how you can work healthy ingredients into your sweets.

Pastry Chef Adrian Mendoza composed a delicious white nectarine and blackberry crostata with orange mint, Chef Brian Malarkey lived up to his last name and News 8’s Heather Myers had arguably the most important job- taste tester.

If you want to taste Chef Adrian’s dessert and whole bunch of other dishes made with fresh produce for yourself, head down to Herb & Wood. The restaurant is hosting a 1-year anniversary party and you’re invited!