SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - As the search continues for the man accused of shooting and killing his wife in Scripps Ranch over the weekend, new information shows that 40-year-old Jeremy Green called his father before disappearing. 

A family friend who asked to not have his name revealed, said that in the minutes after the shooting Jeremy reached out to his father, Darrell.

According to the family friend and Green's father, the suspect said he had shot his wife three times with a shotgun, and was going to kill himself.

"He just told him he killed his wife and he was going to kill himself. That's all anybody knows," said the family friend.

The 40-year-old is accused of killing his wife Tressa after leaving a marriage counseling session on Saturday.

Green's cell-phone pings near San Clemente Canyon, where hikers later found a gun on a trail. Police confirmed the gun was registered to Green.

"We got the mom on the phone. She lives in Lake Elsinore. He was texting her saying it's over, I love you, goodbye," said the family friend.

Watch the video report by CBS News 8's Kelly Hessedal from downtown with details about how police are responding to questions about the search.