SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – A community rallied around the family of a heroic ten-year-old girl Tuesday night.

Kiera Larsen was killed as she pushed two toddlers out of the path of a moving car. Kiera and her friends were playing outside her home when the tragedy happened last week.

On Tuesday, a fundraiser was held at the Lakeside Boll Weevil to help Kiera’s family.

“I am overwhelmed with all the support," said Cherise Larsen, Kiera’s stepmother.

Cherise had raised Kiera since the age of two.

“Losing a child and then getting all this on top of it, it’s just very overwhelming,” she said.

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Throughout Tuesday, hundreds turned out at the Boll Weevil Restaurant to help raise funds for Kiera’s family.

“I feel for the family and I think this is a good way to show the family that there are people out there who care,” said Boll Weevil manager, Brigitte Pinkham.

Kiera’s grandparents called her the ‘mama bear’ of the family who always looked out for others.

“We are all just trying to make it through each day right now. She is the most amazing person I have every truly known in my entire life, and she was only ten-years-old,” said Kiera’s grandmother.

Loved ones said that for Kiera, everyone was family.

“She loved her sisters, her siblings and her friends and little ones around,” said Cherise Larsen. 

If you would like to help Keira’s family, visit their fundraising site.