SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – The City of San Diego will expand and update the use of its popular tipster app, Get It Done by allowing users to report issues that go beyond graffiti and potholes.

The Get It Done app allows City of San Diego residents to report problems across the city for employees to find and eventually fix. Currently users can post pictures of issues that range from traffic lights to tree hazards or snapped street signs. The app update will allow, for example, users to take a picture of a car that is parked illegally and upload it to report it.

“We have been really happy with its success and the engagement with community and employees. Now over the summer we will be able to expand the Get It Done program with the support of the mayor and the City Council offices,” said Alex Hempton, who manages the City’s Get It Done App.

He said after two years, the city wanted to improve the app’s successes – which meant making it easier for residents to address more complaints.

One of those new complaints will be trash. Residents will be able to report to the city if their trash has not been picked up on time. The update will also include links to City Services.

“We were able to add in additional service requests like passport appointments and hazmat appointments,” said Hempton.

Currently, when an issue is reported via the app, it is listed as new, in process, closed or referred. The app update, for example if it is graffiti being reported, will allow the city to notify residents how and when it cleaned up. “We are working on better means of communication for what was done to fix the problem,” Hempton.

The new update is expected to roll out in August. The City of San Diego said that starting Wednesday, the app will be down for maintenance, but it will resume next Monday.