SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - For 13 million or so colorblind Americans, the world they see is not quite as vibrant as it is to those with normal vision, but a new type of glasses is giving them an opportunity to experience a whole new spectrum of life.

Four color blind San Diegans were able to try on special glasses from Enchroma Monday night and got a whole new perception on their reality.

One in 12 men and one in 200 women are colorblind – a condition where individuals cannot distinguish some colors with the world taking on a duller tint.

“Color deficiency is a genetic condition that is passed on the X chromosome that causes some people in the population to see colors less vividly or brightly,” said Dr. Jay M. Mashouf.

A pair of glasses made by Enchroma are life altering by separating different color spectrums and allowing people to see shades and different colors they have never seen before.

Scripps Poway Eyecare and Optometry hosted Monday night’s event along with Enchroma.