SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A genetic eye mutation gives a local artist super vision. She's reportedly the only artist in the world with this condition. And now she is giving the public a glimpse of the world through her eyes.

San Diego's renowned Tetrachromat impressionist artist, Concetta Antico, has announced her first museum exhibition of some of her most iconic and beloved work at the Women's Museum of California, from Friday, Sept. 5 until Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. Antico will showcase over pieces of original work during the four-week run of her solo exhibition, titled “Beacons of Beauty.”

Australian-born Antico has been a professional artist and art instructor in San Diego for over 20 years, with her collectors popping up from all around the globe. Her work is done en plein air and alla prima, and mainly stylized in the classic impressionist genre. However, what makes Antico such a unique and rare talent is her Tetrachromacy, which is a condition of possessing four independent channels for conveying color information from the eyes to the brain.

She was discovered by renowned color vision researched, Dr. Jay Neitz in December 2013, after a student (who happened to be a neurologist) noticed a pattern in her work that suggested she was able to process certain shades of color that others could not. According to Neitz' research, it is possible that Antico can process more than 100 million colors - the normal human brain can process a mere 100,000 to one million. Recently, Antico has been involved in an extensive, second study regarding her rare ability with a researchers from UC Irvine, confirming her Tetrachromacy.

Antico is one of the few people in the world who has been officially found with this genotype and her skills are helping.

Beacons of Beauty ~ By Tetrachromat Artist Concetta Antico
Women's Musuem of California at Liberty Station
Sept. 5 - 28

Ticket Information: $5 for a regular ticket, $3 for seniors and students