SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - A conference underway this weekend in San Diego is changing the way we think about getting older.

The Revolution Against Aging and Death conference, or RAAD Fest, is bringing scientists and doctors from all over the world to discuss their progress on creating a world without aging and death.

James Strole, Director of Coalition for Radical Life Extension, and Dr. Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientific Officer at Hanson Robotics, joined News 8’s Heather Myers on News 8 Morning Extra Friday to talk about what exactly the industry is trying to achieve.

Strole said that there are several scientifically proven modalities out there to help reverse aging, and possibly bring you back to your biological age of 25. Extending or lengthening telomeres, gene editing and gene therapy are just a few.

Dr. Goertzel works with artificial intelligence applied to humanoid robotics to better understand the human biology and what goes on when we age.

It gets a lot more complex than that, and that’s why they’re the doctors and scientists and we’re not. You can find more information about RAAD Fest and its panels at