SAN DIEGO (CNS/ News 8) - A San Diego police officer struggled with a knife-wielding man she was trying to arrest Saturday, and a pair of passers-by were also cut as they came to the officer's aid.

Twenty-six-year-old officer Kelly Doherty was cut on her chin by the suspect, and the two Good Samaritans were stabbed - one on the arm, one in the back.

Doherty stopped a bicyclist, at approximately 12:35 p.m., in the 4200 block of 34th Street, police said. She discovered the suspect, identified by police as Michael Anthony Gonzales, 43, had three arrest warrants, including one for a felony.

The suspect tried to get back on his bike to flee, and Doherty began to struggle with him, police said.

Two passers-by stepped in to assist the officer, who drew out her Taser and zapped the suspect, police said.

But during the struggle, the officer sustained a cut to her chin and the two helpers both were slashed. The male with a stab wound to his back received just a minor wound, police said.

Doherty was taken to a hospital to be treated for the cut to her face and the suspect was taken to a separate hospital to be treated for Taser wounds, police said.

Doherty was later released from the hospital, after receiving several stitches to her chin. She told News 8 she was grateful for the assistance she received from the Good Samaritans.

According to police, Gonzalez already had three outstanding warrants for his arrest. He will also face felony charges of attempted homicide and assault with a deadly weapon.