SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The Republican National Committee kicked off its annual winter meeting Thursday at the Hotel del Coronado.

"We feel like the next couple of days are going to be exciting," Kirsten Kukowski of the Republican National Committee spokeswoman said.

Kukowski says they meet three times a year to discuss party rules, resolutions, and build up excitement for the next national convention.

"The big news that came out yesterday was we announced our national convention that's going to be in July -- July 18th of 2016. That's big news. A lot of people and a lot of money goes to that event. It's kind of a kicking off point to the presidential election," she said.

Some big names are set to speak, but the person who seems to have people buzzing is former Masschusetts governor Mitt Romney. He made headlines when he said he's thinking about a third run for president. He's scheduled to speak Friday.

"The big news was that he was coming here. It was a last-minute decision and I think he obviously has some news he wants to make. We'll see," Kukowski said.

Political analyst Carl Luna says even though this winter meeting isn't getting much national attention, there's a lot of behind the scenes wheeling and dealing going on.

"It's networking, it's early testing the waters for candidates, chance to see what you can do to raise some money for the elections coming up in 2016. So like any convention, it's a chance to see and be seen and see if you can do a little business on the side," Luna said.

And when it comes to Mitt Romney, he doesn't expect any big announcements.

"Mitt Romney will be somewhat indecisive. He'll talk about the possibility of running, the need for chance in the future. Mostly he'll give a critique of the Obama Administration. I don't think he's ready to throw his hat in the ring yet. So this is one of those 'test the water,'" Luna said.

The question is, will he?

"Richard Nixon is one of the few politicians in American history to come back from successive losses and win the presidency. T don't know if Mitt Romney is as good as Richard Nixon," Luna said.