SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - From searing, to sauces and folding to fricassee, Great News Cooking Store has helped San Diegans around the kitchen.

The store's owner said now, his cooking plans are to retire.

After decades of helping San Diegans in the kitchen, Ron Eisenberg is closing Great News Cookware Store and Cooking School in Pacific Beach.

It's a business he built on love and trust.

Great News has always been a place for great fun, so it was not surprising the store caught Larry Himmel's attention back in 1996.

Great News did not always have a cooking school. Ron opened it 19-years-ago because quite frankly, he's not a great cook, and needed a better way to answer his customer's tough questions.

The cooking store will close at the end of June, but Ron's retirement does not officially start until July 31st, when the retail store closes.

Ron said there is still merchandise coming so there should still be items on the shelves right up until they close.