SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A local rally was held Monday morning by a group that's raising concerns over the vote counting process in last Tuesday's primary election. 

The group is questioning the practices of the Registrar of Voters and say some votes weren't counted. 

On Monday, a group of mainly Bernie Sanders supporters gathered outside of the Registrar of Voters to voice their concerns. 

The latest numbers show San Diego election workers are still processing 246,000 mail-in and provisional ballots. The ballots in envelopes are opened by hand - checking signatures and verifying the ballots. 

Monday's rally was organized by members of the Bernie Sanders San Diego Grassroots, the Coalition for Labor and Community Solidarity and Citizens Oversight. 

Under California law, a manual tally of one-percent of the precincts and one -percent of the mail ballots must be done within 30 days, before the results can be certified. 

According to Ray Lutz, with Citizens Oversight, random sampling should be taken from all ballots cast, not just the ones that were counted by the end of election night. 

The Registrar of Voters said the one-percent manual tally has nothing to do with the candidates or the outcome, and is only done to confirm the accuracy of the scanners and tabulation system. 

The office reassured all legally cast ballots are scanned and counted. 

In California, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders by roughly 440,000 votes, but Bernie supporters are hoping when all of the mail-in and provisional ballots are counted, Sanders will emerge as the winner.