SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A man police say caused a scare in a Scripps Ranch neighborhood, swinging a hammer at cars and threatening people, faces charges as he recovers from a gunshot wound to the head.

The incident started around 7 p.m. Thursday in the 10300 block of Moselle Street when a 28-year-old man went up and down several streets in Scripps Ranch bashing cars and threatening neighbors. In total, more than 10 cars were damaged.

According to police, the rampage came to end when one neighbor grabbed his handgun and shot the suspect in the back of the head. That neighbor was not taken into custody, police said.

The suspect is being treated at Scripps La Jolla Hospital for non life-threatening wounds. He's expected to survive. 

Once he's released, he'll face felony criminal charges. 

"The young man was having some kind of psychotic episode and damaging multiple cars and chasing residents into their homes," said Sgt. David Jennings with the San Diego Police Department.
There's no indication if the suspect suffered a case of mental illness or used drugs. 

Some residents said the suspect freaked out and just lost it. 

"He hit all three cars. The red car is my son's car, my Corvette plus the Tahoe,” explained one neighbor, Keith Herrel.

Another resident, Timothy Richard, said he was chased down the street by the suspect.

"He sees me. He goes ‘do you want a piece of me.’ He took me off guard and I said what is wrong with this kid? Then he smashes the front of my car,” said Richard. "I hope the kid gets some help. Obviously something flipped or freaked him out. The parents are devastated.”

Neighbors said the suspect lives at home with his parents, who have been longtime residents of Scripps Ranch.

Some residents said they were surprised by Thursday’s incident, because they said the suspect is a very quiet man. They added that this is the second time police have been called out in the past six months and this time it happened on the suspect's birthday.

However, family member, Thomas Leet, told CBS 8 that this is the first time the police has ever shown up to their house and they are in shock over the whole incident.

CBS 8 is currently working to confirm this information.

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