LA JOLLA (CBS 8) - Another hammerhead shark was spotted in the water off La Jolla on Saturday. 

Ryan Donigan shot video of a hammerhead Saturday morning as he was kayak fishing a little over a mile from La Jolla shores. Lifeguards say historically, this is something out of the ordinary. 

"Hammer heads that close to shore, that’s uncommon, that's not something we see very often. But there have been a number of them. The warm water has brought them up and there's quite a few others off shore," says San Diego Lifeguard Sgt. Ben Lewis. 

Hammerheads are known as a pretty peaceful shark. According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, since 1580, there have only been 17 recorded unprovoked attacks by hammerheads and not one confirmed death. However, lifeguards say if you see one, they want you to report it. 

"We always like to be made aware of any shark sightings. Species determination is important to evaluate what the hazard might be," says Lewis. 
"Sharks live in all oceans. The ocean is a wild environment and even here in San Diego the sharks are ever present."