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Handwritten note & 'Letters from Hanna' found in DiMaggio's home

Newly released warrant says Sheriff's detectives found a handwritten note in the burned-out home of James DiMaggio.
Handwritten note & 'Letters from Hanna' found in DiMaggio's home

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) -- San Diego Sheriff's detectives found a handwritten note in the burned-out home of James DiMaggio; the man who was shot and killed by FBI agents in Idaho after allegedly kidnapping a Lakeside teenager on August 4.

The content of the note was not revealed in the latest search warrant released Thursday at the request of News 8, and it is unknown if the note is related to the kidnapping of Hannah Anderson, 16.

In an emailed response to News 8, Sheriff's spokesperson Jan Caldwell said, "Many portions of this investigation cannot be discussed. Sorry this is one if them."

Also found in the home were "Letters from Hanna" (sic), apparently written by the teen victim, and which were not detailed in the warrant.

The letters were denoted in the warrant as "D&C Letters from Hanna" (sic), indicating the documents initially were taken by detectives to prove DiMaggio had "dominion and control" (D&C) over the home and property.

The warrant reveals for the first time that Sheriff's bomb and arson investigators believe DiMaggio, 40, used incendiary devices to set two separate fires: one in the main house where the body of Hannah's 8-year-old brother, Ethan Anderson, was discovered; and one in the garage where the body of the children's mother, Christina Anderson, 44, was found under a green tarp.

"There were two distinct and non-contiguous fires," the warrant reads. "Based on this fact, there had to be multiple fire starts and multiple fire starts is a primary indication of the act of arson."

The warrant said several incendiary devices, and an "arson wire" were found at the site.

In addition, a crowbar and blood stains were found next to the body of Christina Anderson.

"It currently appears that the crow bar could be an instrumental weapon used in the homicide," according to Sheriff Detective Troy DuGal, who gave details to a judge in the search warrant's affidavit.

The warrant also contains a nine-page, detailed list of every item taken from DiMaggio's home at 2071 Ross Avenue in Boulevard.

Some of the items listed include:

Handwritten note
D&C Letters from Hanna
Incendiary device
Arson Wire
Workbench (Arson related items)
Handcuff boxes
Two used condoms
Wire & connectors
Yosemite camping printout
Rocket engine package
Box of Winchester 7.62 x 39 ammo
Two empty boxes of .22 ammo
Two containers for model rockets
Heat lamp
Twisted pair wiring
Various empty boxes for camping equipment
Bullet poppers
Cut shotgun shells
Blue sleeping bag
Baseball bat
Mule tape
Small Propane bottle & torch
Two pieces of cut extension cord
Small caliber ammo
Gray roll of tape
Clear plastic tarp
Roll of duct tape
Green tarp
Master lock
Shotgun primer
Gas can
Cigarette butt
Empty ammo boxes