SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – San Diego Red Cross workers traveled to Hawaii to assist people affected by the Kilauea Volcano.

Four local volunteers are among nearly 80 Red Cross disaster workers helping those in need.

Red Cross volunteer Amy Laurel Hegy has been helping in Hawaii since Thursday. She said the air quality by the shelter has been improving.

Amay said that in her 15 years of service, she has never assisted on a disaster with so many unknowns.

"We have a distribution area, where people had to evacuate so quickly, they left without anything, literally the clothes on their back,” she said.

Amy is on the big island of Hawaii those in need at the Pahoa Community District Park Center Shelter which is a few miles out from the fissure zone.

“It’s a very fluid situation. We have a huge gym that is filled with families. You don’t know from day to day whether you are going to have rain, trade winds, or what have you,” she said.

Kilauea’s lava fissures remain active more than a week after first lava flows began. According to officials, there are now more than 19 active fissures.

The lava flow from them is slowing but shows no sign of stopping.

Scientists said lava columns continue to drop and they are not sure if it has reached the water table or has gone below the water table.

Falling boulders could create a blockage and the possibility of a massive steam explosion.

The lava has continued to inch towards a Manin Highway, potentially trapping 2,000 residents.

“It can’t be stressed enough that this is a different type of disaster than San Diegans are used to,” said Amy.

As for tourism, officials said the big island has lost more than $5 million due to canceled reservations. Only five percent of the big island of Hawaii is actually impacted by the volcano.