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Carlsbad resident creates Coping Cards to help with anxiety and negative self-talk

September is National Suicide Prevention Month and nearly 90% of people who die by suicide experience a mental health condition.

Carlsbad resident, Jeff Holland, was personally affected by mental illness recently when a family member succeed at taking her own life. When cleaning out her house following her suicide he found a number of hand-written sticky notes and index cards with positive affirmations, motivational quotes and suggested activities taped to her furniture, mirrors and cabinets.

Seeing those notes gave Jeff an idea; What if there was a card kit, vetted by mental health professionals, that people could use as part of their treatment program? This was the genesis of My Coping Cards. 

The cards are 72 individually arranged positive coping statements used to replace and combat negative self-talk.

Whenever you feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, pull out your coping card and read the positive affirmations, motivational statements or perform a short exercise until you feel better as verbalizing your coping statements can help you calm down and stay in control. They offer reassurance that you can make it through difficult periods.

To find our more about Coping Cards, visit MyCopingCards.com or you can purchase a set on Amazon.com