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Assemblyman Todd Gloria hosts telephone town hall on keeping pets safe amid COVID-19 pandemic

This comes amid recent news reports of animals testing positive for COVID-19.

SAN DIEGO — California State Assemblyman Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) hosted a telephone town hall Wednesday on how COVID-19 impacts pets and how to keep pets safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. 

This comes amid recent news reports of animals testing positive for COVID-19. 

Assemblyman Gloria was joined on the call by San Diego City Councilmember Chris Ward and representatives from the San Diego Humane Society

Some of the questions presented by callers during the telephone town hall on COVID-19 Pet Safety included the following: 

Can I still adopt without breaking the stay at home order? 

Yes. Animal shelters are considered essential services. We highly encourage people to adopt or foster. 

My wife is returning from abroad and plans to isolate from us. Can she cuddle with our pet? 

Treat pets like the rest of your family. If you are separating from family, separate from your pet. 

Are there any pet testing facilities for COVID-19 in San Diego? 

No. There is no commercial test available for pets right now. (Tests on pets are not recommended by CDC.gov)

Would a basic bath with shampoo suffice if you are concerned the virus may be sitting on an animals fur? 

Yes. However, we do not believe the virus can live very long on an animal's fur.

Is it safe to let your dog play with other dogs? 

Out of an abundance of caution, avoid letting your dog play with dogs from other households right now.

San Diego Humane Society's President and CEO, Dr. Gary Weitzman, wrapped up the telephone town hall by saying, "We need to treat all of our family members the same: If you're sick, separate from your pet just like you would other humans."

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