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Businesses concerned over restrictions if San Diego County moves into Purple Tier

Businesses could be forced to close again or modify operations if San Diego County moves into the state's most restrictive tier this week.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — The county could move into the most restrictive tier this week that's why San Diego County Board of Supervisors are holding a closed-door session Monday to discuss possible legal action against the state and other alternatives.

Gyms are among the businesses that may have to close again. That's why Fit business owner Scott Lutwack, along with "We Mean Business Coalition", plan to rally in front of the county administration building Monday afternoon urging county lawmakers to take action. 

Organizers for the rally released the following statement:

"We believe that the Governor’s newest color-coded metrics are flawed. There is currently no real end to the lockdown because it was not designed in such a way it can be reasonably ended. We support our County leaders taking control and creating a plan that works for San Diego. We are committed to using safety measures that are prescribed by our County Health Advisors and elected officials."

Fit has five locations across the county and says they've followed the CDC’s coronavirus guidelines and are operating at 10% capacity. 

“You can’t even afford to turn on electricity, bring back staff, [pay] rent. How are you supposed to do that at 10% capacity?" said Lutwack

Lutwack said he was hopeful but now he’s frustrated. 

“Big companies are going to endure this, survive this, but the smaller companies, mid-size companies are not. Maybe some of the world doesn’t care if businesses don’t survive," said Lutwack.  

At Rudford’s Restaurant in North Park, there’s a sign on the door asking customers to stand with them so they can stay open. 

”We’re throwing money at it on a daily basis. We ran out of PPE money, we’re done," said restaurant owner Jeff Kacha.

If the order comes to close, Kacha said they'll defy it and stay open

“This is not a political stance, this about survival," said Kacha.

The owner of Fit said they haven’t decided what action they’ll take if the county does nothing. They say working out helps keep you healthy and they’re doing all they can to make sure everyone is safe with stringent cleanings and social distancing. 


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