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California launches interactive map as part of 'Safe Schools for All Plan'

The map supports local communities in making data-driven decisions to safely open classrooms and helps ensure public transparency.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Governor Gavin Newsom Friday announced that the state has launched the Safe Schools for All Plan’s interactive Safe Schools Reopening Map, an online tool providing a statewide snapshot of the status of school reopenings across California. 

The map supports local communities in making data-driven decisions to safely open classrooms and helps ensure public transparency. Newsom said the announcement builds on the additional transparency, accountability and assistance measures incorporated in the Safe Schools for All Plan.

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“As COVID-19 conditions continue to improve and vaccinations ramp up throughout the state, this map will provide local communities with accessible, up-to-date information on how districts in their communities and beyond are adapting to the pandemic, including safety planning and implementation,” said Newsom. “This map is one of many resources we have made available that will help school staff and families make informed decisions as we safely reopen our schools.”

The interactive map was developed in partnership with county offices of education and the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence. The map will display data from all school types – including school districts and charter and private schools – indicating status on reopening, safety planning and COVID-19 supports. 

The map serves as a snapshot – showing where each district stands, along with how much Covid-19 funding they've received from the state.

San Diego Unified, for example, has distance learning only, with some exceptions for the neediest kids.

They've received more than $246 million.

San Diego Unified school board president Richard Barrera says while they'll be analyzing the CDC report, the district has already implemented several of the mitigation strategies in it, in hopes of offering families the option to return perhaps within the next few months.

"And so if the case rates continue to decline at their current rate and we get our educators vaccinated, we are optimistic we'll be able to bring more students back even in the spring, and we're very confident that we'll be able to reopen our schools in the fall," Barrera said.

Newsom said this tool can be used by communities and school staff when evaluating their reopening plans and the Safe Schools Reopening Map will help clarify the planning and implementation of safe reopening.

The California Department of Public Health will be adding other key data to the map, including outbreaks reported in each school district and whether the school has partnered with the Valencia Branch Lab for COVID-19 testing. 

To provide up-to-date information, schools will input their data every two weeks. Additional data – including student enrollment data – will be collected and displayed publicly, subject to legislative approval.

Since unveiling the Safe Schools for All Plan, the state has launched the Safe Schools for All Hub to serve as a one-stop shop for information about safe in-person instruction. The Governor’s 2021-22 State Budget proposes historic levels of funding for schools – nearly $90 billion, including $3.8 billion above the Prop 98 minimum – which builds on existing state and federal funds to support schools in responding to the pandemic. The State Safe Schools Team has also:

  • Issued updated guidance that consolidates requirements from Cal/OSHA and CDPH. 
  • Provided direct technical assistance on key safety measures to hundreds of school leaders per week through an online portal
  • Monitored and acted on feedback regarding school safety, which school staff and families can submit either via an online portal or a telephone hotline (with non-English options available). 
  • Distributed an extra month of PPE and supplies to all public schools via county offices of education. 
  • Onboarded over 800 schools in 41 counties to the state Valencia Branch Laboratory to support COVID-19 testing. The Lab continues to build supports tailored to schools, including dropboxes throughout the state to reduce logistical costs, an online platform that manages consent and data reporting, and certified support for testing students. 
  • Published new COVID-19 testing resources for schools, including contact information for commercial laboratories and playbooks to support implementation.

For more information, please visit the Safe Schools For All Hub: https://schools.covid19.ca.gov/.

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