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Dr. Deepak Chopra on the 3 pandemics happening right now; how to manage our stress

Dr. Chopra explained what happens to us when we lose control and stress too much.

SAN DIEGO — Spending all of this time at home is really taking a toll on many of us. We caught up with renowned doctor and author Deepak Chopra who says right now especially, it's important to learn to manage our stress. He says there are three crises taking place at one time.

"The first is the epidemic of the coronavirus which is causing physical and mental anguish; the second is the financial crisis which is also causing physical and mental anguish; and the third is the anxiety and panic that's causing all of the stress, " said Dr. Chopra.

Chopra explained what happens to us when we lose control and stress too much.

"Stress is defined by the perception of strength, whether its physical, emotional, psychological, it doesn't matter. Chopra says as soon as you perceive stress, and if it's uncontrolled, it leads to following:

  • Inflammation of the body,
  • Decreased cortisol, which compromises your immune system, 
  • Adrenaline, which creates uncontrolled inflammation

Chopra recommends good sleep, eating healthy, exercise, yoga, and meditation. In fact, right now, he and Oprah Winfrey are offering free meditation through their 21-Day Meditation Experience.

Chopra also says this is a good time to reflect.

"This is an opportunity to recognize the fact that you took your existence for granted, everybody thinks this is how it should be, this is how we lived," Chopra said. "For whatever situation you're in right now ask yourself what am I grateful for and as soon as you ask yourself you'll get ideas, pauses, sensations, images, feelings, thoughts that will alleviate your stress," said Chopra. 

He goes on to say don't force yourself to be positive. 

"A forced positive mind can be a turbulent mind, what you need is a quiet mind which is a healing mind, " said Chopra. "And don't forget to practice love in action. Love without action is meaningless. Action without love is irrelevant, " said Chopra.