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Internet slow as more people work from home

But there is a simple way to speed up your online surfing.

SAN DIEGO β€” Home internet speeds are getting slower with more people working from home and kids out of school.

One of the easiest ways to speed up your web surfing is to plug in an Ethernet cable to your computer as opposed to using WiFi.

Also, you can disconnect smart-home networking devices.

Streaming services like Netflix also take up bandwidth, so try to not have a lot of users watching at the same time.

Experts at Cox Communications said they are seeing more internet use at all hours.

β€œIt used to be peak times were nights and weekends but that has shifted earlier. We've got so many people on the network,” said Suzanne Schlundt, vice president of marketing at Cox.

You also can do a speed test on your computer using an online browser-based tester.  Then, compare your download speed to the maximum speed offered by your internet provider.

Of course, the other option is to pay more for a faster internet package from your provider.

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