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Is the coronavirus quarantine taking a toll on your marriage?

San Diego relationship coach predicts an increase in divorces.

SAN DIEGO — China has reportedly seen a big increase in divorces amid the COVID-19 quarantine.

Experts say the stress of being inside 24 hours a day, coupled with financial stress, and with the kids at home all the time, can certainly take a toll on a marriage.

"It's really a pressure cooker," said Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Lisa Sawicki. "So many people are used to having a schedule that's more autonomous. During the day they're separated because of work. Now you've got these two spouses on top of each other."

"I have one couple that was having issues before," she said. "Right now there is just a lot of anger, and resentment, and blame and finger pointing."

Besides China, top divorce lawyers in the UK are also predicting a spike in the number of divorces amid the coronavirus quarantine.

Experts say we haven't seen a big jump in numbers here in the United States... yet.

"I really do think we're going to see a spike in divorces because under even normal circumstances communication is hard," said Sawicki.

She says even healthy couples may be feeling the pressure.

"It's not just what you say, it's everything you're not saying and how that's coming off to your listener," she said.

"And for couples that don't have a strong communication foundation, healthy boundaries, healthy personal space, are authentic with each other -- you're going to find people unfortunately giving up on their marriages."

She recommends couples talk about their budget and truly prioritize where they need to spend their money. 

She says if you need help financially, don't be ashamed to reach out.

"Couples have to know they're going to get through this, [have] faith they're going to get through this, try to remain calm," she said.

She says one of her biggest tips is to have a sense of humor, laugh together, turn on music, dance together. She recommends really trying to take a break from the stress of the situation together each day.

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