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Workers finding new ways to make ends meet amid coronavirus

After closing, reopening, and then closing again; gym workers among those who see uncertain future for the economy.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif — As the coronavirus pandemic continues, so does the economic impact.  We see it all around us, people out of work. Experts say that the ongoing crisis could change our economy like never before.

“It was really, safe and everyone felt comfortable but of course they closed it all down,” said Deb Khazi.

Khazi is a fitness instructor at the La Jolla Sports Club. Or she was before the pandemic hit and closed her gym.

 “I lose my work, I lose my income, I lose ways means to an end and I have no money and it's really challenging,” Khazi told News 8.  

With so many people out of work in the restaurant industry, beauty and fitness areas, the county had to come up with new ways to help.

County Supervisor Diane Jacob says the board recently allowing businesses to operate outside was a big step in the right direction.

“The county is trying to be as flexible and innovative as possible,” said Jacob. “I think this will be a really big deal for the individuals and also for the businesses.”  

Still, the coronavirus continues to transform the way people make money.

Experts say it's evident some, including folks like Khazi, may have to find new ways of sustaining themselves, possibly joining an entirely new industry.

Despite the extra effort, Khazi says it's worth it.  

“It's a lot to lose, fitness keeps people sane and happy and I think it's an essential part of everyday life and people are suffering,” she said.