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Outdoor dining resumes in San Diego after the stay-at-home order is lifted

Now that the stay-at-home order has been lifted, restaurant staff members say they’re glad to be back.

SAN DIEGO — This is the first weekend in months that people have been told by health officials that it’s ok to go out and enjoy outdoor dining. With some pretty good weather this weekend, many people in San Diego headed out to local restaurants and now that the stay-at-home order has been lifted, restaurant staff members say they’re glad to be back.  

“Now that we’re re-opened, and we’re doing what we’re doing, I feel like people are going to notice what we’re doing and come out and support us,” said Cody Smith, a Bartender and Manager at Kensington Brewery.

Dozens of people were sitting outside of Kensington Brewery in San Diego Saturday night. Smith says they’re taking precautions and doing what they need to do to make people feel safe during the pandemic.

“We wipe down all the tables, we sanitize, we make sure we sanitize ourselves. Everyone has sanitizer when they walk in and just like keeping everyone separated and wearing masks to stop the spread,” Smith said.

San Diego County Public Health officials report that as of Friday, there were just over 2,100 new COVID-19 cases and 32 people died. Saturday there were 2,128 new COVID-19 infections. Still, the number of infections are slowly declining, and Governor Newsom lifted the stay-at-home order this week.

“We couldn’t have been more excited to come back out here, give back to the community and really start to serve our guests again. This evening was our first night open and as you can tell, every single table has been filled all night, and every guest is elated just as we are,” said Jessica Smith, Cucina Sorella’s General Manager. 

The County also says ICU numbers have declined. As of Friday, 389 people are currently in the ICU for Coronavirus, but that’s down from 438 just 10 days ago.

Cucina Sorella said that they had to cut about 50% of their staff when the latest stay-at-home order was issued so everyone is hoping that case numbers continue to decline for our own safety and so we can all get back doing the things like dining out.

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