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Tips for your spring cleaning during the COVID-19 quarantine; Salvation Army drop offs

News 8 spoke to Dorothy Breininger aka “Dorothy The Organizer” from the hit show Hoarders.

SAN DIEGO — While many of us are at home right now, we may be doing spring cleaning or thinking about it. And while most organizations are closed for donations that doesn't mean you shouldn't organize.

News 8 spoke to Dorothy Breininger aka “Dorothy The Organizer” from the hit show Hoarders. She says right now is a good time to declutter, but as you start looking through your closets, don't put everything in the "donate" pile.

Here are a few organizing tips from Dorothy for you to follow:

  • Be selective, don't just donate everything
  • If you wouldn't use it, you wouldn't wear it
  • Don’t give away things that are stretched out or stained, charitable organizations are overwhelmed
  • If you have a small place, tuck some boxes and bins behind the chair or in your closet

Dorothy said there’s one thing she doesn’t want you to do.

“Many people are starting to leave their items on the curb, like furniture. We may be tempted to go over and pick them up and bring them to our house, but remember somebody may have the coronavirus and it does stay on different kinds of materials for a period of time. I don't want you to do that," said Dorothy.

If you need some help organizing. Dorothy did provide some tips in the video below which includes having an accountability partner, checking the dust levels on your clothes and much more. 

You can also find more tips on her website the 10-Minute Closet Organizer.

If you are looking to drop off some items, the San Diego Salvation Army told News 8, six sites are accepting donations. Attendants wearing masks and gloves will take your items.

Credit: https://sandiegoarc.salvationarmy.org/

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