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Vaccine booster requirement begins at Viejas Arena

Beginning Saturday, eligible fans will be mandated to show proof of vaccination and a booster shot or provide a negative test to attend basketball games.

SAN DIEGO — Starting Saturday, anyone entering the Viejas Arena for basketball will have to show proof of a vaccine booster or negative COVID test within 24 hours.

"I'm boosted, they’re not so I'm out here waiting for them," said fan Steven Carollo. 

You could say he is one of the lucky ones. Waiting for his friends to get tested and he’s looking forward to the game. 

"We’re sitting front row so maybe get on TV or high-five a player or two," said Carollo.

But San Diego State University policy – requires fans to get a negative COVID test within 24 hours. Otherwise, you’re not able to watch the game.

"It’s kind of the world we live in right now, whether you’re getting your booster or not, it’s everybody’s choice," said Jason Farran.

Farran says he has at ease knowing he’s going to be safe rooting on the Aztecs.

"There are choices, it’s not on the school, the school has its rules and regulations," said Farran.

Whether it’s a booster shot or weekly testing, CSU schools have issued a deadline to mandate the booster by February 28. 

And many agree, that before a game of this size, it's better to be safe than sorry. Viejas Arena has a capacity of 12,000 seats.

"You don’t want COVID spreading all over," said a fan. "It's spreading so fast again and with the new variant and everything I think it is peace of mind."

SDSU is one of the only schools in California that are actually allowing fans in sports games. Neighboring University of California San Diego has banned spectators through Jan. 30 or longer.

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