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'Zoom-bombing': Trolls invading conference calls

Teleconferencing calls are being used much more amid the coronavirus pandemic and they are being hacked.

SAN DIEGO — A warning from the FBI says that Zoom conference calls are being hacked as more people are using Zoom amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Federal prosecutors say what these "Zoom trolls" are doing could be a federal offense.

That's because the nature of these hacks are sometimes racial and pornographic. The perpetrators could be fined or face prison time. 

It's been dubbed "Zoom bombing." It happened to some San Diego women on a call with just women when one man or more hijacked their call.

The man started out saying, "I was talking to my independent contractor about my building," but then started saying inappropriate things.

"I've been out of business because of the coronavirus. Am I able to file for unemployment?" said the Zoom troll. 

Felena Hanson, owner of Hera Hub, was running the call and immediately knew what was happening. 

"I don't get rattled easily, but I was rattled. I was physically shaken because of what that person was doing and saying," she said. 

Hanson said the man also was writing inappropriate messages and making racial comments. 

The FBI says there are ways to protect your self, including "locking " your meeting,  which means no new people can get in. You also shouldn't share your Zoom links on social media.