SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – It's the first surgery of its kind here in San Diego. An 11-year-old patient is the first child to receive a pediatric heart transplant.

The patient, whose name is Eric, received his new heart at Rady Children's Hospital one week ago Thursday. He was born with a congenital heart condition.

The historic operation took about 6 hours, but it isn't a permanent fix. The heart is expected to be fine for about 15 to 25 years before Eric needs a new one.

Eric has a twin brother, Raul, who has the same condition and also needs a heart transplant. Raul is now on a waiting list to have the procedure at Rady Children's Hospital as well. There are 4 children on the waiting list who range from 7 weeks old to 11 years old.

Eric is already walking around the ICU, and asking when he can come home. He should be ready to go home in a few days and be able to live a normal, happy life.