Health magazine just released its top 10 list for the healthiest fast food chains in America. Eating on a grab-and-go schedule doesn't have to be a diet disaster.

Health magazine ranks Panera Bread the healthiest fast food restaurant in the nation. Almost packed with people, this bakery-café snagged the top 10's top spot.

"I wasn't too surprised, to be honest. I'm very proud of our product," a Panera employee said.

Panera offers fresh salads, sandwiches and soups.

"The soup is awesome... very fresh, very flavorful," a customer said.

Number four on the list is Noodles and Company - healthy Asian food prepared with soybean oil and 19 fresh vegetables daily.

"Two-thirds of our menu items have 500 or less calories, so there are a lot of great choices for people who are health conscious," Scott Martin of Noodles and Company said.

Noodles serves whole grain pastas presented on China plates fresh to order and to your table in five minutes or less.

"I like it because it's fresh and it's like fast food but it's better," a customer said.

Number five on the list: the Corner Bakery Café. Number six: Chipotle. Number eight: McDonald's for its healthy wraps and apple slice sides. Number nine: Einstein Bros. Bagels, and number 10: Mondo's Baja Mexican.

"You can see everything is really fresh. They make everything right in front of you. It's the Subway of Mexican food," healthy eater Carly Churchill said.

Mondo's is best known for their low-cal burritos and Baja bowls.

"We have a lot of people come in looking for nutritional charts and they are surprised that a Mexican place can give them some healthy food," owner Allan Ross said.

Many of the meals that made the list cost a few extra dollars, but health conscious customers say you get what you pay for.

Health magazine says every restaurant on the list has a danger zone and if you want to stay healthy, you've got to stay away from the goodies.