SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Germs are everywhere. We come into contact with millions of them on a daily basis, but what kind of items around the home might secretly be the worst when it comes to cleanliness?

One can expect to find germs on a toilet or on a trash can, but what about on a television remote or even the fridge handle?

According to Andrea Lukowaik, a biology teacher at San Diego Miramar College, finding germs on a television remote control is normal.

"It's exactly what I'd expect. Same thing with the keyboard on the computer," she said.

The human body is exposed to millions of bacteria cells a day but it shouldn't really matter if a person is in good health.

"Fortunately, our immune system is amazing and it takes care of 99.9-percent of what we come into contact with," said Professor Lukowaik.

Bacteria that can cause sickness is always present, but hand washing is one way to combat it.

Doctors also attest there are bigger concerns than, say, bacteria on a light switch or a door handle - it's food preparation in the kitchen.

"A lot of people will cut raw meat on a cutting board and then use that same cutting board for a vegetable. People use sponges for the dishes, but then use the same sponge to wipe down counters and the sink," said Dr. Sharon Bergquest. She says bacteria is just transferred back and forth.

Dedicating a cutting board for raw meats and a different one for vegetables is a good idea. Also, having one sponge for dishes and another for counter tops is recommended.

"They [germs] can live for weeks. Some of them can live for months, but many can only live a couple of hours, depending on the virus or bacteria," said Dr. Bergquest.