'Tis the season to hit the beach, and that means playing it safe in the sun. But this year you can do more than just slather on sunscreen. A new "sunscreen pill" is on the market, and it promises to help shield your skin from the inside out.

It's the crimson-colored tablet that's kicking the sun's UV rays to the curb.

"What you would notice would be the burning, the inflammation, the irritation of the skin would be minimized when you're on the skin brightening formula," Isocell North America Executive Director Paula Simpson said.

Advanced Skin Brightening Formula by Glisodin Skin Nutrients is ingestible sunscreen and skin care. The ingredients are all natural, botanical extracts that scientific research has shown protect the skin from sun damage and accelerated aging.

"Our key ingredient is Glisodin - a unique melon extract from France that has been shown to protect the cells from free radical damage," Simpson said.

In testimonials, "Theresa" has been using the so-called "sunscreen pill" for two months. She noticed firmer skin and says her hands look 10 years younger and her age spots have started to fade. It worked for Gail, too. She noticed diminished age spots, more hydrated skin and the wrinkles around her eyes seemed less apparent. Darlene says her skin in glowing, and has less noticeable freckles and lines around her eyes.

But don't trash your Coppertone just yet. The supplement doesn't replace your sunscreen. Rather, it works in conjunction with it. It's recommended you use the product two to three weeks before any prolonged sun exposure for the best results.

"When people take topicals, they wash off when their swimming, when their sweating, they may not put it on consistently all over the skin," Simpson said. "So this skin brightening formula really protects the body overall."

So how much will this new protection cost you? A box of 60 soft gels will run you about $80, and will last you about a month.

Skin Brightening Formula can be found at high-end spas and salons across California and online.