SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – It may be nice and sunny in San Diego, but this week there have been some chilly temperatures in the region – which is why it's important to make sure pets are staying warm.

Twice a month the Helen Woodward Animal Center visits San Diego shelters, providing medical care for homeless pets inside their 'Pets Without Walls' vehicle. "We wanted to make sure that people going without homes right now can keep their pets and their pets can stay warm with them," said Jessica Gercke, who is with the Helen Woodward Animal Center. 

On Wednesday, at the Alpha Project’s Bridge Shelter in downtown, dogs came away with more than just a check-up. A group of puppies were gifted blankets and sweaters courtesy of K9 Dimensions.

Marca Alejandro and her husband, both veterans, started the company selling supplements. It quickly evolved to include blankets and sweaters – 100 of which they donated to help the cause.

Leti Sanford’s dog Panchito benefited from Wednesday’s event. “He got two sweaters and a blanket,” Leti said. She also mentioned how the donation will be helpful because of the recent rain and cooler temperatures at night.

“It's been 'okay' because he sleeps underneath the blankets with me, but when we come out so he can go to the restroom, it is kind of chilly for him,” she said.

For Leti and others without a home, it gives them one less thing to worry about as they try hard to care for themselves and their four-legged friends.