SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Do you love the outdoors and also a good competition?

The City Nature Challenge is perfect for you. To take part in the challenge, download the iNaturalist app on your smartphone and take pictures of all the animals or organisms you see. The app will geo-fence your location making all submitted observations within San Diego County count toward the overall tally.

Cities all over the world will be taking part in this challenge, but San Diego’s main competitors will be Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

The hope is that the results of this competition will give a good benchmark of where people are finding wild animals and plants in urban San Diego and farther. Having this many people going out and observing nature at once gives a good snapshot in time and allows scientists to gauge where things stand today, which is data that can be used for future scientific analysis.

As far as the competition goes, tallied results will be announced on May 4, by the organizing institutions. Go San Diego!

Beth Redmond Jones from the San Diego Natural History Museum and Citizen Science Manager, Lauren Marino Perez joined News 8 Morning extra to show some species that are native to San Diego County and to talk about this years challenge.