SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – A high speed chase ended in Fairmount Park Tuesday morning after the suspect drove through a canyon barrier, stopping on the edge of a cliff.

CHP says the suspect, who is now in police custody, started the dramatic and wild chase earlier this morning.

The high speed chase, with speeds of 90 miles an hour, started on the eastbound 8 around Mission Center before moving onto the 15, eventually ending in Fairmount Park. 

He was originally stopped for speeding before he took off, weaving through traffic on the freeways and then through a residential area. CHP says it was an intense chase.

“It's a little crazy, I'm happy nobody got hurt” says Sgt. Brian Bradshaw, CHP.

Neighbors witnessed the tail end of the chase.

“We saw that car drive by very fast and two police cars chased after him and he didn't know this was a dead end and went all the way down there” said Dieu Nguyen, a resident who witnessed the chase.

The suspect was arrested and placed in the back of a CHP cruiser. He will be charged for initiating the high speed chase.