SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – The winter storm heading towards San Diego is expected to bring rough conditions to local beaches and officials on Friday urged beachgoers to use caution along the shore.

The warning comes after a man was killed in Ocean Beach this week when he jumped into the water to save his dog.

Sgt. Rick Strobel with San Diego Lifeguards urged dog owners to resist the instinct of going into the water to retrieve a pet. “Very rarely do dogs suffer any injuries caught in rip currents. They usually make it in. It’s dog owners that most of the time suffer injuries.”

Lifeguards undergo training to rescue dogs and other animals. The location of Dog Beach can make it precarious for pets and humans.

Lifeguards recommend calling for help and only going in the water as a last resort and if you are an experienced ocean swimmer. “You need to know how to swim. You need to stay calm and get your animal and ask for assistance,” said Sgt. Strobel.

News 8’s Brandon Lewis reports from the Dog Beach with more information on what to do to stay safe on the sand.